Women need to really focus on being themselves & loving themselves….

So my sister shared this video on Facebook and I thought it was rather touching. Definitely something worth sharing. Even more so worth sharing with my sister’s words to go with it. She doesn’t have a blog but she posts a lot of spiritual, motivational and thought provoking information on her personal page.  My Sister’s Page  <<< Go check her out!! (She said it was okay for me to share her post on my blog.) Hope you enjoy it!


Ahhhh! Good Morning Beautiful People! YES, YOU!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

This video is a wonderful expression of not only self acceptance, but also self Love. Dig the way he embraced her natural beauty!! It could have only been better if she were his Wife.

I have a saying, ” I didn’t “go” natural, I returned to WHAT was natural.” Natural hair is nothing to be ashamed of and it shouldn’t be a fad for us. Because of forced biased images of “beauty” through history, we have not been as accepting of our own natural beauty…skintone, eyes, facial shape, body structure and hair.

What’s funny is that other ethnicities are hurting and humiliating themselves trying to copy US!!! Mind blowing!! When we never see anyone like us associated with something phenomenal, important or beautiful, we tend to develop the mindset that we don’t belong in those catagories. We start to believe the deception, and alter who we are to feel beautiful and fit in. We have done it for so long my Sisters don’t know how to take care of their natural hair!! Sadly, because of these desires to fit in, be liked/loved/accepted, frustration and confusion, they turn back! Let me clear this up too, I am in NO WAY justifying not taking care of yourself, health and environment. So serious, that is a must people!!

The decision came about, due to enlightenment about “why we do, what we do”. I have wrestled with it several times… in 2003, 2005, 2009 and now. I struggled with not “looking good”, my Spouse accepting it or fitting in…I mean, I am a Cosmetologist!! I was used to keeping my hair and others Fly!! I had an image to uphold!! On the other hand, what was I saying to the denial, shame, unfamiliarity and disatisfaction of the Most Highs design?

Well, this time it’s for good. I love me in all my naturally given AWESOMENESS.
I may not be your idea of beautiful, and your opinion doesn’t bother me if you have a different one. I still love you. I learned in my youth that everyone has an opinion…and it’s just that, an opinion. I don’t take them personal (Powers, principalities and Spiritual wickedness). When you line their thoughts and words up with what the Lord Most High has said, what they say weighs very little on the scale of relevance. The whole satanic family and it’s power, tactics and words can not destroy whats inside, unless you let them in. And if you have…there is a Name that is above ALL names, ok? NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. To those who matter; the Most High, My Husband, My Children and me…I am beautiful, important, wise , intelligent, set apart, Royal, Precious, Rare, joyful, healing, compassionate, helpful, friendly, strong, patient, forgiving, giving, sincere, imperfect, but perfect!!! And that is all that is important to me. Men, Husbands, Brothers…I beseech you, embrace the natural Woman.

The contacts, the weave, the braids, the chemicals, the lashes…and even some make up…they allow us to hide behind unhappiness, discontentment, fear,failures, scars and most of all they create a false image to who we attract. We can never experience real acceptance, joy, happiness and love if we don’t first learn to truly love and embrace ourselves.

Yes, i did it. It was fun, but Family, fun, if we are not careful, can turn into bondage, idolatry and a mental prison. It has it’s place in this industry I make my living in however, I have learned moderation is key. Don’t lose who you are for fame, fashion or fortune. I appreciate my clients and will continue to serve their needs and desires, to the best of my ability. I will always educate them about whatever is better… For them, their families, for the enviornment, for the world. Spirits travels from person to person, generation to generation but we have the power within to break yokes, strongholds and curses!!!!

Living the lie was costly(hair, clothes, make-up, stress, pain) and it wasn’t worth it…but I AM. new creature dying to self.
I am not judging, just sharing, but I pray that these words do that which they were intended to do. If I tag you please share, someone somewhere needs this.


Now… For my little 2 cents about the video & my sister’s words..

First of all let me start by saying I love how she says, ” I didn’t “go” natural, I returned to WHAT was natural.” That is so true in so many ways. Especially for women. Since so many women (especially african american women with their naturally curly hair) tend to get themselves “fixed” to be how someone else wants them to be or how they think someone else wants them to look. Women hide behind hair color, wigs, weaves & make up entirely too much. For anyone reading this all the way to here: I’m challenging you to not do something you do cosmetically to yourself daily for 5 days!!! Good luck!! Come back here to share the results of the challenge! Take care & be blessed!!

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