A little something about me…

So… Here’s a little bit about me.. I am a lover of God, my husband, my 3 children, grandchildren, parents, sisters and all of my family. I have come a long way with my life & been through many things… I am truly blessed to still be breathing and standing. I’ve always been into fitness as far back as I can remember. Let me take ya way back… I remember doing workouts with Richard Simmons VHS tapes with my mother as a child!! I actually wish workout videos today were similar to those back then! Richard had people of ALL shapes and sizes in his workouts and showed actual results of their progress, which I thought was the most encouraging thing ever!!! I was more amazed and impressed with Richard Simmons than I am with the infomercials we see today for workout programs. Not that the workout programs aren’t good… They just are not as encouraging to the average overweight person who may automatically think they are too large and out of shape to do the workouts. Considering in the infomercials they only show the people already fit and in shape and even their before pics they don’t look all that out of shape. Anyway, I share all that because I feel that it plays a role in my calling to pursue doing business with fitness. Here I am over 40 finally deciding to make a move with the business. It’s never too late to follow your calling in life! As long as you’re physically & mentally capable and willing to go after it… You better do it!!! And so, here I go…. I am a Team Beachbody Coach. I am a FiTour Certified Boot Camp Instructor. I just recently started having camps. Although my very first camp was with only 1 client.. wait, make that 1 and a half clients.. My grandson was participating a little bit also.. Lol! It took that day to finalize the PUSH into what I feel that I am meant to be doing! My camp after that one, I had an additional person participating. My next scheduled camp, there will be 3! Do you see where I’m going with this? Do the thing you fear! Make it happen! Listen to your calling! Be More!

I’ve included some random candid pictures taken by my oldest daughter, Cree, who is a photographer http://creehanai.wix.com/cree8tivephotography 
Pics are from my first Boot Camp Session which was with my sister who I believe is just as excited about my career in fitness as I am, if not more! Lol! I love her to life for her encouragement! If you would like any further information about photo shoot bookings, click the link above or fill out the contact form below. If you would like to know more about little ole’ me.. Just fill out the contact form below! Thanks for reading about me! Be blessed!

IMG_9082 IMG_9086 IMG_9093 IMG_9096

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