New Blogger… New beginnings.. My Platform.

So, obviously this is my very first blog page attempt. I have plenty to say & share but I do understand that I have to be very careful of what I choose to post & share. I have to evaluate if it is worth posting or not. Will it be interesting or informative to most? Of course it will not be interesting or informative to everyone! Will it be beneficial to someone? That is always a possibility! Most things that I have ever read anywhere, if it caught my attention to read, whether beneficial to me or not.. I sure could think of someone else it could be beneficial to. So I would share it! LighthouseI do know that whatever I choose to post will be positive.. For that is the only energy I would like to share & post.. I want readers to leave my blog thinking about what they just finished reading or viewing, smiling, laughing, enlightened, crying a good cry if it affects them that way… And of course by all means, wanting to SHARE IT!!! 🙂

In High School and in College, I was often told by my English Professors that I should be a writer. Of course, that not being my most favorite subject, I never gave it much thought. *shrugs shoulders* & *kept getting good grades*  That’s where my thoughts were at that time. As I got older and read a lot of books and have even previewed some new authors books. Which I thought was a pretty cool idea just to even be considered to preview a book for someone. That of course made me think, hhmmm.. Maybe I’m supposed to be on the proofreading side of writing books?? Then that thought also passed after all that red ink! Ha! I would sometimes think I was catching too many mistakes, but that’s what a proofreader is supposed to do, right? I wasn’t feeling that anymore. Moving right along… I have 3 children now, oldest one likes to write & youngest one loves to read… The middle one.. Well, let’s just say, she’s got potential! So, that being said… Maybe writing whether it be in a journal, a blog or actually a book.. I believe it is “In Me”! Somewhere deep down inside… It’ll happen. I have faith… I see a book in my future!
What’s with the random lighthouse picture, you may be wondering..? Well, nice views help ease my mind and enable me to flow with whatever I am thinking, saying and typing… That’s all! 😉 (I’m a pisces & really enjoy views with water.)


As for blogging about specific things that are asked of me, if it is informative and worth sharing… I strongly believe that I could research and blog away! So, you.. Yes, you reading this right now… If you have any suggestions.. I am wide open to them!!!

Thanks for reading this much! I look forward to posting a whole lot more in the future! This post here is just my “platform” to get my flow going… 

If it doesn’t challenge you, It doesn’t change you.. #BEMORE

Love & Blessings


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