Finally stepped outside the box…

Big thanks to my sister for pushing me to get my Boot Camp Sessions started!!! I was doing what I do best… Procrastinating and indirectly making excuses as to why I haven’t started promoting Boot Camps in the neighborhood. It’s only been two weeks but I feel really good about it. I’ve even done a Boot Camp Session on a day that I really didn’t feel like it but went out there and did it anyway! According to The Art of Work Book by Jeff Goins everything that has taken place in these past two weeks is just a part of my Calling or Vocation. This particular quote from the book caught my attention:

“If you can Love what you do even when it hurts, then you may have more than a hobby…”

That being read and said… It seems to be pretty obvious that me having a fitness business is way more than just a hobby… Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


I would also like to give a big THANK YOU shout out to my mentor Amia Freeman for always having encouraging words for me to give me that reminder of what I am really capable of accomplishing & believing in me! Also, I would like to give a THANK YOU shout out to Brooke aka Brookie, a friend I made thru my mentor at Refresh Summit TN 2014. Although Brooke may look up to my mentor and I for fitness, nutrition & general life coaching, she also is a very positive, motivating and encouraging woman herself. For more info on my awesome mentor & Brooke just click on their links above!

Every since becoming a Sweat Pink Ambassador I’ve come across so many perks that can help with my fitness business and lifestyle. One thing in particular is my very own Sweat Guru website where I can set up Boot Camp Session schedules and get new clients & keep track of them also. Another cool perk is the unlimited FREE pink shoelaces!!! I have been giving a pair to any new clients & we are planning to have a pink shoe laces Boot Camp day in the future! So keep an eye out on the Sweat Guru website for Boot Camp Session scheduling as I learn how to use it! Lol!

Thanks for reading! Be blessed!


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