Part 2… Sciatica Sucks!!

So… Where did I leave off?? Oh yea, I remember… But.. I have some in between things to add before continuing where I left off.

I wanna go back to People.. and Expectations.. During difficult times..

People… and expectations.. During difficult times. This topic may be something we all may need to check ourselves on once in a while or whenever necessary. We gotta do better with how we can empathize with others during difficult times. Especially when it is something that has happened to them out of their control.

We tend to get so caught up in our routines of life, whether it be a busy life or a boring life.. We still have people that we are around and interact with on a daily. Everyone has that one go-to person that is usually down for whatever(that would be me). Whether it be something as simple as cooking a favorite meal, going shopping, road trips or doing random things just for the heck of it! Things that require some physical activity… We are so caught up that we never stop to think about what we would do or how we would feel & react if that person was not able to do all of those things that they normally do.. Hhmmm?

Ponder that…

People that really know me… Really really know me.. They know that I am almost always up for a challenge with almost anything! I wanna do.. I wanna go.. I wanna see.. I wanna try!!! Well guess what peoples…. ALL of that was put on hold during the struggle of dealing with this DAILY SCIATICA PAIN that I was dealing with.. I couldn’t even do the things that I really enjoyed doing and someof my daily living routines were even affected. It was making me angry.. I felt frustrated.. and I was just tired.. Tired of being in excruciating pain that I felt like most people didn’t really understand the extremity of the pain that I was dealing with. Unless they had personally already dealt with it before. It was the people that could relate that gave me hope & reminded me that this was going to be temporary. Those that could not relate made me feel like punching them in the throat!!!


That is where I had to check my expectations of other people. #SelfCheck I was getting vibes from people that made me feel like they were thinking thoughts like the following: ‘Oh you’re a strong woman.. You’re a spiritual woman so you will be alright.. You can handle this pain & get things done.. You push thru any other time.. You’re still doing this or that, so you should be able to do this too.. How long is this supposed to last.. Is there anything you can do to fix it.. Have you tried this or that.. Maybe you just need to rest.. You rested a long time & it still doesn’t feel better..’
Now, in the meantime of me having those vibes… I was actually sharing with people around me what things that could be done to actually help me feel some relief.. BUT THE GAAAAG IS… (in my best KeKe Palmer voice bcuz I’m trying to lol at my expectations of others) Nobody really put my suggestions in to action to help me!!! Some people even just had their own ideas or suggestions to help me but practically ignored what I already knew could help me.. #SideEye #Whatever #CarryOn
So… At this point is when I had a #RealityCheck to #CheckYoSelf
I continued to do all that I could do for myself… By myself.. Dropped my expectations of others around me seeing me in pain knowing that I was still gonna get thru it with or without any help from them. Because that is the expectations they have of me. Hhmmm… I’m just gonna let that thought marinate right there for ya’ll.
Okay, I am finished talking about people and expectations

Where I am today with this Sciatic Pain journey…

Eleven weeks and 4 days in… What am I feeling? I still have occasional muscle spasms & pain in my right glute and hip… As well as the (sleeping foot) tingling sensation & weakness down my right leg into my foot, unpleasant pain & burning sensations down my right leg especially in the shin area. I am still far from being back to 100% but I have most definitely made a lot of progress!! Slow progress is way better than no progress at all! So there are some things that my body still says “NO” to if I attempt to do it.. I listen to my body if it is a little extreme, because I do not want to cause any nerve damage.

I have completed 4 weeks of Personal Training with the one and only Alexis Branch  and that has helped me bring physical fitness life back in order. It was harder on some days than others.. I either had to modify or just push through depending on what I was doing. I am grateful for the attentiveness of my PT during the workouts.. If I made the wrong face, she wouldn’t let me do it.. Lol!

I am still seeing my awesome Chiropractor Dr. Terese Stefan who has been keeping me properly adjusted & aligned. I will be getting upside down more often pretty soon… and not on an inversion table!

Thanks again, to all who have shown me genuine empathy thru this time… That has meant a lot to me.. More than you may even know!
To the ones in the category of those that I wanted to throat punch… I highly advise you to do some extensive research of the pain associated with the Sciatic Nerve & surrounding muscles. 😉  Someone else my need you in the future.. #BeReady


Thanks for reading,

God bless you.

Yes, there will be a part 3 to this!


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