Just because… A pre-review of Keep It Shut..

As I come to the end of reading Keep It Shut by Karen Ehman (<<<Purchased on Amazon.. Click the link to the left.) I have so many things going through my head.

Keep It Shut Cover

Mostly good things of course! You know that feeling after reading a book that makes you REALLY think about certain things. This book in particular really makes you think back & look at your current ways of speaking to people, listening to people and looking at people whether it be in person, over the phone, in a text, video chat or online. Even better, this book helps you look at all of those things from a biblical & spiritual point of view. I most definitely know and realize even more now, that I am work in progress in this particular area of my life. I’ve noticed that, just like the Author, Karen Ehman I have a not so good habit of losing my cool with my family, but somehow manage to keep calm when I interact with others.YIKES! Yeah, I’m not so proud of that one… 😦

The book of Proverbs describes a woman who is praised not only for what she does, but more importantly for who she is — specifically, how she interacts with people: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue” (Proverbs 31:26 ESV)

I must agree with the feedback comment on the cover of the book from Lysa Terkeurst which says, “This book is funny, honest, and tackles the hard subjects of gossip, speaking the truth in love, and the power of our words from a biblical standpoint.” This description hits the nail on the head! 😉

I like the way she incorporates her real life scenarios in the book. She definitely kept it real with those! I must say one of my favorite quotes that came from one of her real life scenarios is when her son (who she refers to as the man-cub) tells her, “Hang on a second. I gotta die.” When he said those words to her, they spoke to her soul. As I read how they spoke to her soul… She spoke to my soul. Just as she put it in the book… Before we react.. Hurl a harsh word.. Pass judgement or speak unkindly to our spouse or snap on our children.. Perhaps we need to just take a deep breath and say,

“Hang on a second. I gotta die.”

Die to self. Die to flesh. Die to my “rights” that too often result in my wrongs. Yes, Paul said it best — “I die daily” (1 Corinthians 15:31 KJV) Then, Karen asks… Does this mean in everything? Consider Jesus’ statement, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13) Then she mentions her initial response of all the imaginable dramatic ways that could actually happen. All of her thoughts were pretty scary but realistic.. I can relate to all that she said. But, um.. I’m not going to mention too much more of this section of the book.. I believe this is a must read book for everyone with sight and a voice!

This is just a brief pre-review of this book… I will be speaking more of this book in my blog in the near future.. I will also be doing a Periscope review of the book. So, go follow if you aren’t already following @3HDeeFitness & on Instagram also!

Think about it… Sometimes we all just need to..

Take a deep breath, a pause that centers your heart, snaps your soul to attention, and gently declare… “Hang on a second. I gotta die.”

I am looking forward to doing my full review on the book & can’t wait to share my feedback with Karen Ehman, who is actually active on social media. She actually responds to posts or comments! Check her out on the following links>>>> Karen Ehman on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed my pre-review of this book. Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time… God bless!


2 thoughts on “Just because… A pre-review of Keep It Shut..

  1. Damita says:

    Love it! And I am gonna use this in my post for the phone ministry!!! (I will give you honorable mention). Thanks for your share and transparency. Each one, teach one, so we know better, to do and be better.
    Love ya!!


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